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I am extremely pleased with my sessions with JoDee.  They have been incredibly enlightening and soul searching.  Her listening skills and thought-provoking questions allow me to look at situations and consider different outcomes.  JoDee has the ability to help a person navigate difficult situations, eliminate obstacles and help set healthy boundaries, all the while seeing a beginning and end of a session with results.  I would highly recommend JoDee with Soulful Conversations.



I didn’t quite know what to expect as I had never experienced Coaching before … I was a little apprehensive about how our sessions would go but I was pleasantly surprised with how JoDee created such a safe and empathic space for me to tune into my self and begin exploring my thoughts, feelings, and life circumstances.  She was so easy to talk to and was great at picking out important aspects of my comments which helped both of us as we explored what path I wanted to take and how I could get there. She has helped me realize alternate ways to view issues and opened me to new possibilities.  I left each session with JoDee with life feeling a little lighter and my struggles and solutions being clearer. I would highly recommend JoDee for anyone looking to create change in their lives!




JoDee, has helped me in my journey to become the person I want to be and live the life I truly want and deserve to live. I can’t express the amazing talent she has to ask the right questions and often I know the answers to my own questions with a bit of guidance. I would recommend her with all my heart. Not sure what I would do or where I would be with out her. 5* out of 5*. Thank you JoDee



I came to Soulful Conversations for guidance and support in a new business venture of which I had many self doubts about my abilities and qualifications.  Jo-Dee’s coaching has encouraged me to look deeper into old patterns of thinking and limited beliefs, then to redefine those ideas to reflect who I am today.  She is a master at seeing connections, can easily bring clarity to my scattered thoughts and has shown me how important creativity and my values are to everything I do in life.  Now I see that my business plan is right in line with who I am and what I believe in.  Each meeting eaves me feeling motivated and inspired with a renewed sense of power and passion for the day.  Thank you, Jo-Dee, for your very wise and thoughtful voice. 


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