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Life Coaching?

This is a great question that I often get asked.


Coaching is all about getting to where you want to go and having someone in your corner encouraging you every step of the way and illuminating what you are capable of.   It's a collaborative partnership where a safe, empathetic space is created for you to be vulnerable and true to who you really are and where you are fully seen, heard, and valued.  In this partnership, we will work together on the goals you identify, creating the change you desire in order to start leading a more authentic and flourishing life.


This process is truly transformational.


It differs from counselling or therapy in that I am not here to diagnose or treat any kind of mental health issue, addictions, or work on past trauma.  However, because I have a Master's Degree in Social Work with a clinical specialization, I bring over 20+ years of skills and practice to help you gain clarity about what you really want in your life, discover and clear any limiting beliefs and blocks that have been holding you back, develop a deeper self-awareness, recognize what is possible, and create movement toward your ideal, authentic life.

As a Coach, I support and empower clients to achieve their goals based on where they're at right now, without delving too much into the past.  I support clients to understand themselves more deeply, and live with greater purpose and fulfillment.  I create a safe space to have deep, intentional, soulful conversations where we will collaboratively explore what you truly want for yourself and what your next steps are. My focus is on empowerment because I truly believe that no one knows more about you, or what's best for you, than you.

Through this process, together, we will start to hear the whispers of your truest self.  As your authentic inner voice becomes easier to hear, it will show you the way forward to clarity, peace and joy in your life.  

What Will

I do

For You?

Possible areas of Coaching with Me:

Creating the life you desire

Deepening your self-awareness

Developing your inner resourcefulness

Becoming unstuck in some aspect of your life

(Re)Discovering your authentic self

(Re)Claiming your personal power


Identifying & honoring your needs

Setting priorities that align with your values

Gaining clarity & focus

Exploring blocks & limiting thoughts

Developing healthier relationships 

Pursuing a dream or goal in a focused way 


Coaching, In Person or Online

$150/60 minutes

$200/90 minutes

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