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Let me introduce myself and share a little bit about me.


I'm a wife to my soulmate, Glenn, a mom and step-mom to three wonderful adults, a grandma to four beautiful grandchildren and a pet-parent to a tiny, one-eyed fur-ball named Millie.  I am blessed to have my extended family close by and am passionate about, and dedicated to, spending quality time with them.  I have a wanderlust to travel and feel most at home when I am close to the water.  


In addition to being a certified life coach, I have a Masters in Social Work with a Clinical Specialization and have more than 20+ years' experience in various counselling and teaching roles.


From my own lived experience, I know what it’s like to feel stuck, disconnected and powerless at times. There was a point in my life where I felt completely disconnected from who I was. I experienced profound burnout where I felt overwhelmed, emotionally exhausted, experienced a loss of control and power over my life, and felt genuinely stuck...

It was time...

... it was time to face my fears, my stuckness, and regain control of my life. So, I took the action I needed to and those feelings of fear soon turned into excitement!  With the support of my own life coach, I began the journey of looking inward where I re-discovered my inner strength and courage and was able to re-ignite the passion and zest I once had for life. I felt so inspired by my coaching experience where I was able to re-align with my true, authentic self, become more compassionately self-aware, transform and realize my own dream of becoming a life coach where I could hold space for, support, and champion others on their own unique life journey.

I believe that change from within is possible. 

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